Moanola Longchar, Topper of NBSE/HSSLC Examination 2023

In a remarkable display of perseverance and determination, Moanola Longchar, a student of Town Higher Secondary School Mokokchung, has emerged as the shining star of the Arts stream in the recently declared HSSLC exams. With an outstanding score of 97.20%, she has not only secured the Top 1 position but has also brought immense pride to her family, school, and community.


Moanola Longchar
NBSE HSSLC Examination 2023 Topper, Moanola Longchar


In an interview following her remarkable achievement, her infectious enthusiasm and humble demeanour became evident, offering insights into her journey towards success.


“I feel very overwhelmed with joy and grateful to God for blessing me with such an honor,” Moanola expressed, her eyes shining with genuine happiness. “I’m very grateful that I was able to bring a good name to my family, school, and my community.” Her humility and appreciation for the support she received were evident throughout the interview.


When asked about her study routine and preparation strategy, Moanola’s honesty shone through. “Honestly speaking, I hadn’t actually started serious preparations until like December,” she confessed. It was in January when her school conducted model examinations in three phases without a day off that she felt the need to study diligently. This rigorous schedule prompted her to study every day for the next two months. Moanola used her study break in February solely for revision, setting herself up for success in the board exams.


Moanola attributed her achievement to the support of various individuals who played significant roles in her journey. “I would attribute my success first to God, of course, and then my parents, teachers, and my very supportive friends,” she said gratefully. Moanola acknowledged the pivotal role her parents played in her accomplishments, emphasizing their unwavering support from the beginning. “Even after my 10th boards when everyone was telling me that I should join the science stream, my parents simply told me that they would be okay with whatever decision I made,” she recalled. Their unconditional support provided her with the mental and emotional stability needed to thrive.


The power of prayer was another aspect that Moanola highlighted, describing the pre-exam routine shared with her parents. “On days I had a paper to write, my mom and dad would accompany me early in the morning to the church to say a prayer,” she shared. Despite adverse weather conditions, her parents would ensure she had the strength and comfort she needed before entering the exam hall. This routine instilled a sense of confidence in Moanola and solidified her belief in the positive impact of prayer on her success.


Like many students, Moanola faced difficulties in her academic journey. She acknowledged struggling with motivation and discipline, admitting that there were days she went without touching her books. Furthermore, the pressure and expectations from others took a toll on her mental well-being. However, she overcame these setbacks with resilience and support from her parents, teachers, and friends. Their constant encouragement and belief in her abilities were instrumental in her ultimate triumph.


Reflecting on her study habits, Moanola revealed that she followed her teachers’ guidance and studied the textbook diligently. While some students can study for hours on end, Moanola recognized her own limitations and found balance in her routine. “I would say I studied more during my Model exams than the actual boards,” she admitted. To prevent mental exhaustion, she incorporated frequent breaks to rejuvenate her focus.


Contrary to the image of a student who remains glued to the desk, Moanola found solace in activities outside of her studies. “Unfortunately, I am not one of those students who would sit at their desk from morning to night,” she said. “In between my study sessions, I would watch TV shows, play mobile games, and watch sports, especially during the weekends.” These recreational outlets served as stress relievers, allowing her to maintain a healthy balance between academics and leisure.


Looking towards the future, Moanola plans to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St Joseph University Dimapur, after which she aspires to delve into Theology. Her passion for understanding human behavior and her spiritual inclination align beautifully in her chosen path. Undoubtedly, her dedication and unwavering spirit will continue to guide her towards remarkable achievements in the years to come.


As we concluded the interview, Moanola offered valuable advice to fellow students. “Put God first in everything you do,” she emphasized. “Study at your own pace because everyone is different, and what works for you might not work for others and vice versa.” Drawing from her own experience, she stressed the importance of discipline over motivation. “Discipline beats motivation,” she declared. “You cannot always rely on motivation alone.”


Moanola Longchar’s journey to success stands as a testament to the power of determination, unwavering support, and faith. Her achievements not only bring honor to her family, school, and community but also inspire countless students to strive for excellence while staying true to themselves. With her bright future ahead, Moanola will undoubtedly continue to leave an indelible mark on the world around her, embodying the spirit of success and gratitude.


Moanola Longchar hails from Lirmen village. She also secured 11th rank in her HSLC Exam.


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