Mokokchung, 11 September (MTNews): In a significant breakthrough regarding the hit-and-run incident that took place on Sunday night, where an unidentified vehicle slammed into a parked car and fled the scene, Mokokchung police successfully traced the car and apprehended the driver during the early hours of Monday.


According to police sources, the suspect was apprehended with the assistance of a mobile phone found at the scene, which belonged to the driver.


Authorities identified the driver as a young individual and a resident of Tongtentsuyong ward. He was operating a red Alto car that was not owned by him. The primary cause of the crash was determined to be excessive speeding, as reported by the police.


However, no formal charges were filed as both parties involved reached an “amicable agreement,” sources have confirmed.


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The hit-and-run incident happened on the IM Road stretch near The Restaurant 2, Arkong Ward, at approximately 10:40 PM. The parked vehicle, a Hyundai Eon, sustained significant damage to its rear as a result of the collision.



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