The Nagaland Congress has awarded tickets to eight more candidates for the upcoming Urban Local Body (ULB) elections in Mokokchung District. This brings the total number of confirmed candidates to ten.

The tickets were awarded to Rongsenlemla Jamir (Marepkong), T Nungshilemjen Jamir (Yimyu) in Mokokchung Town; Zamok for Mangkolemba Town Council (Nokyu), Marwati for Changtongya Town Council (Longchara), and to four more for Tuli Town Council – Temsumenba Imsong (Mendenti Ward), Imlionen (Tuliyong Ward), K Imlitemjen (Longpong Ward), and Imobendang Lemtor (Lukongmendang).

The announcement was made during a thanksgiving and victory celebration organized by the District Congress Committee (DCC) Mokokchung at Yimchalu resort. The event celebrated the party’s significant victory in the recent Lok Sabha election 2024.

Watimongba, President of the Mokokchung District Congress Committee, called it a day of celebration, given the 20 years of struggles the Congress faced. He acknowledged that the celebration being held today was due to the victory NPCC President Supongmeren brought to the party through his hard work.

Exhorting the belief that the Congress government will be formed in Parliament soon, he urged the party workers to throw away grudges against each other and focus on lifting the party while working as one in making Nagaland a Congress-ruled state. He also urged the candidates not to hesitate with their agendas and schemes, stating that Supongmeren, as a Lok Sabha MP, will represent the issues of Nagaland in Parliament.

“Do not hesitate and work hard. Whoever has taken the Congress ticket is going to win,” Watimongba asserted.

Stating that two Tuli candidates with Congress tickets will be uncontested, he expressed confidence that even if there were opposition candidates, they are ready to take on them.

Watimongba emphasized that the certificates and nomination papers awarded today were just the beginning. He announced that after the municipal election on 26 June, the Congress party will immediately begin preparations for the next Assembly election.

“Party workers, everyone is an owner, not just one person,” he declared. “From today onwards, we should lead the way in making the Congress stronger across Nagaland.”

He called for forgiveness and unity among party members to bolster their collective efforts.

Mokokchung Times

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