As Nagaland prepares for the election on February 27, the election mood has set in, with plenty to watch for. Despite precautionary measures, the state’s election eve was marked by a series of events particularly in Mokokchung.


Screen grab image of supporters of a candidate being detained by IRB on Sunday.
Crude bomb blast near Koridang candidate’s residence


Barely a few hours before polls for the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly gets underway, the residence of Independent candidate Talitsuba was rocked by a huge crude bomb blast, around 9:30 this evening. Talitsüba is one of the four candidates contesting for the 28 Koridang AC seat.


The crude bomb went off at the gate of the candidate’s residence located in Aongza Ward, Mokokchung. No injuries were reported and the identity or intent of the perpetrators. A second crude bomb went off a few minutes later reportedly near Imkongmeren Sports Complex. No injuries or harm were known to have happened after the blast.


28 Koridang AC: Arms with live ammunition seized in Alichen


According to police, at around 4:30 p.m., a convoy of vehicles arrived and was prevented from entering through the Alichen Second gate.


One of the drivers then reportedly began an altercation with the security personnel, prompting police to search the vehicle.


When the police searched the vehicle, they discovered firearms, including two AK-47s with live rounds, prompting the security personnel to search the convoy further.


More firearms were discovered on the convoy’s vehicles, according to police. While many people were detained, many others reportedly fled the scene.
When asked who the offenders were, the police said the investigation had begun and preferred not to comment.


“The situation is very tense, but it is under control right now,” one of the officials said.
26 Aonglenden AC: Violence break out between NDPP and INC supporters


The supporters of the NDPP and INC clashed in Ungma village on Sunday.
A video of the scuffle that has been circulating on WhatsApp shows people pelting stones and engaging in physical altercation.


According to reports, one side provoked the other by challenging them to a fight, and the other side agreed to a fight without the use of stones or other forms of violence. However, upon arrival, stone pelting began, causing the opposing party to flee the scene.


Nagaland AGDP: Almost 42 detained so far across the state


Nagaland AGDP (Law and Order) Sandeep M Tamgadge stated that nearly 42 people have been arrested across the state so far, with some of them released on good behavior bonds.


He also stated that most security forces are stationed at district headquarters to perform a pre-determined duty at a specific junction, ward, or location, or to check vehicles or conduct patrolling, and so on. However, with violence on the rise, they have changed their strategy.



“We have forces, but not so many that we cover every inch of the state,” he told East Mojo, adding that in the presence of police forces, mischief-makers do not engage in areas where police forces are not present.


He also stated that the presence of police prevented many incidents.
“I am thankful to those volunteers who are recording and circulating in social media,” he said of the stone pelting and additional violence.


He noted that the majority of the incidents in the districts of Wokha, Mokokchung, Longleng, Tizit, and Dimapur occurred at night.
He also encouraged a “free and fair election” and made another appeal to the youths to allow for healthy competition.


“Elections will come and go but the society, the villages and the people which have co-existed for so many years, they need to co-exist with each other. Don’t close the door so much that the enmity and atrocity stay throughout life.”

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