Mokokchung, February 16 (MTNews): NDPP candidate for the seat of 24 Angetyongpang A/C, Tongpang Ozukum urged his constituents to unite and join his banner for progress on Thursday.
Speaking during the final leg of his declaration tour in Sungkomen Ward, Mokokchung, the candidate stated that the residents of Sungkomen Ward assisted him beyond expectations in the previous election, and he urged the crowd to offer him their support once more so that he may cement his position with a thumping majority.





Tongpang Ozukum, who stated that the only reason the NDPP central leadership decided to give him the party ticket was because of their faith and trust in the constituency, called for unwavering support from the electorate as the central party leadership is giving the constituency an opportunity to be in the decision-making body.


In his welcome address, the Chairman of Sungkomen Ward stated that while three candidates are running for the seat of 24 Angetyongpang A/C, one will emerge as the winner and urged voters to assess each candidate’s sincerity towards their residents.


Wishing all the candidates the best of luck in their campaigns until Election Day, the ward chairman also stated that the ward authority has confirmed that the use of alcohol and quarrelling within the ward’s jurisdiction would be punished. He also stated that election camps of any political party will be permitted to operate only until 10 PM.


Earlier in the day, the candidate went on a declaration visit to Salulamang Village. In his address to the people there, he encouraged them to renew their confidence and faith in his leadership so that he can serve as a bridge between the people of the 24 Angetyongpang A/C and the government of Nagaland.

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