NSCN leader Niki Sumi has criticized the ‘shutter down’ protest by the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), labeling it as a “wrong approach and wrong demand.” Speaking to the media today, he emphasized, “No matter how much we demand from the state government, it cannot respond.”

Expressing his dismay, he questioned, “If this was addressed to another state government, I wouldn’t have said anything. Why blame the NPGs for a national issue?” He added, “If there’s blame to be placed on the NPGs, it should be between the Government of India and the Naga political party.”

Sumi reiterated that the national issue is a matter of discussion between the Naga nation and the Government of India. “The Naga political party doesn’t concern itself with whether people pay or not; Nagaland belongs to Nagas, so it’s their prerogative,” he remarked, questioning whether the DCCI stands above the Nagas or the India.

Cautioning against such actions, he remarked, “DCCI and individuals engaging in such activities may face repercussions one day, I believe.” He refuted the claim of there being 24 Naga Political Groups, asserting that there are only three recognized political groups.

“There are only three political groups: NSCN-IM, which has ‘Framework recognition’; NNPGs and the working committee, which have their agreed position; and thirdly, the NSCN-K,” he clarified. Sumi noted that the Naga National Council (NNC) comprises about 14 to 15 political parties, but the Indians have never been concerned about them. “They are Shillong Accordists. They remain silent; they don’t care,” he lamented, urging Naga intellectuals and businessmen to grasp the reality.

Acknowledging past failures in agreements, he called upon the Nagas to unite, emphasizing that it’s the only way to demand effectively as one entity. “Regardless of how many emerge, there are only three factions, not 24. Some may argue factions are based on ‘isms,’ but there are only three factions,” he concluded, acknowledging that only the administration line in the GPRN has been following the right path.

‘NPGs are being made scapegoat’

The leader of the NSCN-K (Niki) has accused certain individuals in Dimapur of exploiting the burgeoning ‘unions’ for personal gain. Speaking to media, Niki Sumi asserted that the proliferation of unions in the region has been marred by a sinister agenda, wherein only those capable of intimidating non-locals ascend to leadership positions.

According to the NSCN-K leader, the criteria for leadership within these unions are deeply flawed. He claimed that individuals are assuming leadership roles based not on merit or genuine business ownership but on their ability to exert force or coercion. For instance, he argued that those claiming leadership in the “Hardware Union” must demonstrate ownership of hardware shops, and similarly, individuals with trucks automatically become part of the transport union. However, he alleged that these unions are leveraging their power to intimidate larger businesses, shifting blame onto Naga Political Groups (NPGs).

Moreover, the NSCN-K leader accused several unions of engaging in extortion, collecting funds under false pretenses and making nominal donations to NPGs while pocketing the majority for personal enrichment. He warned that such actions not only undermine the genuine interests of Naga entrepreneurs but also exacerbate the Naga political issue by unfairly scapegoating NPGs.

In a stern message directed at those falsely claiming union ownership without legitimate business interests, the NSCN-K leader vowed decisive action. “I promise in front of the Nagas that we will take actions against such individuals. We will start from today,” he declared.

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