Kohima, 13 June (MTNews): Stating that the present Naga Club is ‘unmandated’ and that the Naga people as a whole should decide the relevance of its existence in the present context, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and the All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has decided to resume its normal functioning at its Oking, Naga Club building.


The federation said that a proper Naga Club should be re-constituted, based on the foundation of the Memorandum that was submitted to the Simon Commission in 1929 while the matter of the Naga Club’s existence and reconstitution was left to the wisdom of the Naga people and the authorities.


The federation in a press release narrated how the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) office in Oking was vandalized by unknown miscreants on 27 May following which the NSF filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the nearest police station. The driver of the JCB used in the vandalism was arrested, followed by the arrest of two more culprits.


Following this, the Naga students’ community demanded the immediate arrest of all the culprits involved. Various social and tribal organizations, as well as political figures including the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Nagaland, expressed their condemnations and visited the damaged building to show solidarity with the NSF.


However, it was later revealed that the Naga Club Building was demolished by individuals claiming to be officials of the Naga Club itself. These individuals then applied for anticipatory bail from the Kohima Bench of Gauhati High Court without any charges being framed against them.


On 7 June, the Angami Public Organization (APO) and the Kohima Village Council (KVC) issued a joint appeal, requesting the NSF to withdraw the FIR as a gesture to find an ‘amicable solution’. After consultations with senior members and federating units, the NSF decided to withdraw the FIR with immediate effect.


However, the federation emphasized that this decision should not be seen as a sign of weakness but as a commitment to upholding the resolution adopted at an Emergency Senior Consultative Meeting.


The NSF provided some historical background, stating that the Naga Club Building was taken over by the NSF in 1983 after efforts to reclaim it from the government. They mentioned documents and events supporting their claim of ownership.


Despite the disagreement and accusations between the NSF and the “self-proclaimed” Naga Club, the NSF affirmed its commitment to uphold the interests of Naga youth and remain open to inclusiveness.

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