Despite the increasing number of road accidents in the town, officials have reported that over 80 percent of accident cases in Mokokchung remain unreported or unregistered. Tishisie Pojar, the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Headquarters, Mokokchung, revealed that not even 20 percent of accidents in the district are being recorded, primarily due to compromises among vehicle owners.




Speaking at an ‘Awareness Program on Traffic Safety with Drivers,’ organized by DEF Mokokchung as part of the launch of the ‘Traffic Safety Awareness Week’ initiative at the ADC Planning Hall on Tuesday, Pojar presented data that showed only 3 accident cases were registered in 2020 resulting in 3 fatalities; 3 cases in 2021 with 2 fatalities; 5 cases in 2022 with 5 fatalities, and as of now in 2023, 6 cases have been registered resulting in 7 fatalities.


The SDPO emphasized that the primary causes of these accidents are reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, stating that 90% of them could have been prevented if drivers were more cautious and responsible.


Tishisie Pojar, the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Headquarters, Mokokchung


Pojar also mentioned that, according to their estimates, there were 18 unregistered accidents in 2020, 10 in 2021, 6 in 2022, and 3 in 2023. He stated that there are no official details available regarding the damages, injuries, or fatalities related to these unregistered accidents.


Pojar also pointed out that the town’s roads cannot be expanded or extended “even by an inch,” yet the number of vehicles has significantly increased. Over four years, there has been an increase of approximately 4,164 new vehicles in the district: 867 in 2020-21; 1227 in 2021-22; 1481 in 2022-23; and 589 so far in 2023-24.



In addition to these statistics, Pojar shared essential objectives for all drivers, which included ensuring the safety of passengers and pedestrians, reaching destinations on time and safely, maintaining the safety of the vehicle, and assisting law enforcement agencies.


He also provided general guidelines for responsible driving, emphasizing that everyone is equally responsible for road safety. He urged the public to spread awareness of safe driving habits, starting from their own homes, and emphasized that parents should not allow minors to drive. He also advised drivers to strictly avoid alcohol and driving distractions like mobile phones, prioritizing safety over rushing.


Addressing the escalating menace of drug substances in the town, the SDPO cautioned commercial drivers to be vigilant about parcels from unknown persons.


Speaking on the theme “United for Road Safety,” Akumtemjen Jamir, ARTO Mokokchung, referenced nationwide data on road accidents, revealing that more than 400 people die every day in India due to such incidents. He stressed the significance of road safety and discussed government measures to address the issue. He described “United for Road Safety” as a community impact initiative aimed at addressing various aspects of road safety by involving every citizen, emphasizing the need for grassroots education and awareness among the people.


The 5-day awareness initiative under the theme “United for Road Safety,” which began today will run until 30 September. It aims to educate and sensitize the public about vital road safety measures.


The first day of the awareness program saw participation from associations representing commercial drivers and two-wheeler taxi riders.


Starting from 27 September, field awareness activities will be initiated. Groups of 10 NCC cadets from Mayangnokcha Government Higher Secondary School will receive education on basic traffic rules and regulations after their regular classes. Additionally, they will collaborate with traffic personnel at strategic locations across Mokokchung Town to spread awareness.


The launch event also featured short speeches by Tongpang, President of ANTA Mokokchung; Martoshi Jamir, Vice President of the Truck Union; Lanuakum, President of the Bus Union; and Temjen, President of the Two Wheelers Taxi, where they expressed appreciation and provided feedback to the authorities.


Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Pangjungtemsu Kichu, son of Ningshiremba Kichu from Khensa Village, for being recognized as the Best Driver of Four-Wheeler Taxis, and to Mürangnükün, son of Yashinungba from Longkhum Village, for being acknowledged as the Best Rider of Two-Wheeler Taxis in Mokokchung Town as part of the Traffic Awareness and Safety initiative.


Pangjungtemsu Kichu,  Best Driver of Four-Wheeler Taxis


Mürangnükün, Best Rider of Two-Wheeler Taxis


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