An online store selling beaded items and accessories, namely, Dainty Pieces on Instagram was started on April 2, 2022 by Imchamongla and her two sisters – Arensangla and Imnasenla.
Amongla is currently a student of Edith Douglas Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung while her two sisters and co-partners, have both completed their master’s degrees. The three sisters hail from Mokokchung village.







Although the sisters have always been close, they are now closer than ever because of their mutual passion for handmade items, which has allowed them to transform their pastimes into a side business. They shared a passion for beading, which has recently become fashionable. It has been uncovered that they had the notion to launch a small business where customers could customise items to their specifications.


While discussing the engagement and the beaded style, she noted that they have always had a penchant for accessories like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. She claimed that because beading is currently in style, they became drawn to it and began making it.


According to Amongla, “dainty pieces” are literally “delicately little and lovely things.”


She said that the preponderance of their early target customers were women, which had a significant impact on the choice of name.  According to her, they wanted the name to be representative of both their products and their target audience. As a result, they came up with the moniker “dainty,” which highlighted a special attribute of a gentle woman and named it as “Dainty Pieces” which both her sisters liked.


Talking about the prices of the beaded products, she said that because the majority of their clients are students, they are making every effort to be economical. She disclosed that in their online store, rings are the most affordable at Rs. 50 and necklaces are the most expensive at Rs. 150.




When asked about the state of the online dainty item trade, Amongla said that sales are balanced at the moment and expressed their hope that they will remain that way while adding that they have regular customers.


In the meantime, Amongla said, based on the number of regular customers, they believe their consumers are satisfied with their work. She did, however, added that they are striving to be consistent in their efforts to meet the requirements of their clients.


Dainty Pieces Online Business grew out of a shared hobby and hence, they strive to deliver the items to customers as affordably as possible. It seems reasonable that they aren’t making much money from it. However, it is admirable that they never feel their work to be tiresome.




Furthermore, Amongla added that they obtain their beads from various shops in Mokokchung as well as various online retailers. They also expect that their business will be sustainable considering the widespread trend of beadwork.


“We keep in mind to follow the emerging trend that will surface in the days ahead,” Among said.


Mokokchung Times

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