‘Approximately 2000 existing ILP holders in Mokokchung’


Mokokchung, 26 October (MTNews): In May and August 2023, social activist Bendang Imsong submitted two Right to Information (RTI) requests to obtain information regarding the total number of Inner Line Permit (ILP) holders in Mokokchung, Nagaland. The RTI requests aimed to gather details about ILP issuance criteria, the number of existing ILP holders, fresh ILPs issued in the fiscal year 2022-23, and the revenue generated from ILPs in the same financial year.

In response to the first RTI request, it was revealed that there were ‘approximately’ 2000 existing ILP holders in Mokokchung, with a total revenue of Rs. 2,45,525 generated through “fresh issue and renewal of ILP” during the Financial Year 2022-23. However, Imsong expressed dissatisfaction with the ‘approximation’ and initiated a second RTI request on 23 August 2023, seeking comprehensive information about the ‘approximately’ 2000 ILP holders, including their names, full addresses, and photocopies of treasury challans for the revenue generated.

On 21 September 2023, Imsong received the response to his second RTI request, but it was discovered that details for only 1,588 ILP holders were provided, and “the details of 412 individuals were missing.” Additionally, the deposit challan for the amount of Rs. 39,743/- was also found to be “missing.”

Imsong expressed his intent to submit another RTI request to address these discrepancies and omissions.

Imsong raised concerns about illegal immigration in Nagaland and stressed the need for accurate monitoring of entry and exit, especially concerning ILP issuance. He said it was “disheartening to see that the concerned Administration currently cannot keep track of and furnish exact details on such a concerning matter.”

Imsong also highlighted the situation in Tripura as an example of the urgency of addressing illegal immigration. He said, “This lackadaisical attitude will only aggravate the matter in the long run. A case study of our neighbouring state Tripura gives us a clear picture of our impending future.”

He emphasized that the issue of illegal immigration is not limited to Mokokchung District but affects Nagaland as a whole. Imsong called on conscientious citizens and civil society organizations to take the matter seriously and encouraged the District Administrations to take decisive action to safeguard Nagaland’s social integrity for the generations to come.

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