Tabernacle Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leading innovator in Church Tech based in Kohima, has launched its latest feature – The Tabernacle Messenger. This new feature, as mentioned in its official statement received here, aims to streamline and enhance the acknowledgment process for all tithes and church giving, bringing unparalleled efficiency to church administration.

“We are thrilled to introduce Tabernacle Messenger, a feature designed to revolutionize the way churches manage and acknowledge tithes and contributions,” said Atoba Longkumer, Co-founder at Tabernacle. “This new feature aligns with our commitment to providing churches with advanced tools that not only save time and resources but also foster a more sustainable and private approach to financial acknowledgment.”

tabernacle messenger
Key Highlights of Tabernacle Messenger:

Cost Saving

Tabernacle Messenger introduces a revolutionary shift from traditional printed receipts to digital receipts. Churches can now eliminate printing costs entirely, contributing to environmental sustainability while also saving on operational expenses.

Instant Bulk Messaging

With just a single click, Tabernacle Messenger empowers churches to acknowledge all church giving and tithing instantly. This feature significantly reduces the time and effort spent on manual acknowledgments, allowing church staff to focus on more impactful tasks.

Improved Contributor Privacy

Tabernacle Messenger prioritizes the privacy of contributors by sending acknowledgment receipts directly to their phones via SMS. This eliminates the need for public printed lists, ensuring that contributors’ financial commitments remain confidential and secure.

Boost Your Church’s Efficiency
Say goodbye to labor-intensive, time-consuming door-to-door visits for distributing acknowledgment receipts. Tabernacle Messenger streamlines the entire process, minimizing the resources spent on manual labor and allowing churches to operate with increased efficiency.

Tabernacle Messenger is now available to all Tabernacle clients. Interested churches may also sign up for a free trial by contacting 7005426278/ 9402679388 or visit for more information.

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