Mangkolemba, 16 April (MTNews): Hitting the campaign trail for the PDA consensus candidate Dr Chumben Murry for the Lok Sabha seat from Nagaland, MLA and Advisor for Transport and Technical Education, Temjenmenba and a strong entourage of NDPP party workers campaigned in all the units under 29 Jangpetkong Assembly Constituency.

In separate meetings with the different village councils, Temjenmenba urged the public to keep their objective clear about the development of the constituency as their main priority. Therefore, he stressed that it was pertinent for the constituency as a whole to remain listed in the good book of the present government. In this regard, he mentioned that the Lok Sabha election was the best opportunity for the electorate of 29 AC to reiterate their strong and unwavering support towards the ruling government by electing the PDA consensus candidate with an unprecedented margin. He assured that such election results will be the ‘certification’ of the people’s support towards the NDPP and PDA government and empower him with more confidence while seeking developmental works for the constituency.

Temjenmenba addressing the electorates while campaigning for PDA consensus candidate Dr ChumbenMurry at 29 Jangpetkong Assembly Constituency on 16 April  2024.

While lamenting that the 29 Jangpetkong AC was reeling under a state of underdevelopment and neglect, Advisor Temjenmenba strongly urged the voters not to be swayed by cheap propaganda about anti-Christian rhetoric. Temjenmenba pointed out that even the last MLA from the constituency was elected from the BJP yet, there are no evidences of any adverse influence upon one’s religion or lifestyle.

NDPP Working President, N BendangJamir, speaking at different stops at the campaign trail, strongly asserted that Dr Chumben Murry, the PDA consensus candidate, is contesting the election as the NDPP candidate to safeguard the rights, and to carry forth the aspirations of the Naga people. He said that the NDPP is a regional party and as a regional party, it will never compromise with the rights of the Naga people. He mentioned of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Free Movement Regime and border fencing issues and pointed that the State government has categorically raised the issue with the Central government. Through the efforts of the NDPP led government, Bendang Jamir said that the Centre has exempted Nagaland from the CAA; the State Government also passed a resolution against the border fencing and abrogation of the FMR.

Saying that the Rio led government has never done anything against the interests of the Naga people, Bendang Jamir asserted that the NDPP will now and in the future stand for safeguarding the rights and aspirations of the Naga people.

The NDPP working president also berated the church leaders for using the pulpit to tacitly propagate to the people that voting for the PDA consensus candidate would be a voting for ‘anti-Christian party’. He strongly denounced propaganda and asserted that religion and politics should never mix. He maintained that the NDPP had to have an alliance with the BJP since it is ruling in the Centre and that a small state like Nagaland should always have good relations with the Party ruling the Central government.

He pointed out that India, having a Hindu majority population, it was natural for some fringe elements in the Hindu community to be extremists. Bendang Jamir asserted that even when the Congress was ruling the country, incidents of violence against minorities, notably the burning of a missionary and his family, happened during the Congress rule. Therefore, he questioned why the church or the opposition should bring up the issue of religious violence in mainland India during this election. Instead, he asked the public to ponder on the Congress’ manifesto where it endorsed the civil union of the LGBTQAI+ community, which is totally against the Naga culture and Christianity. Therefore, he asked the voters not to be swayed by propaganda spread to gain cheap political mileage but vote conscientiously for the PDA candidate for safeguarding the Naga people’s interest.

Also, the President of NDPP Mokokchung Region, Mangyangnungba pointed out that Dr Murry, once elected, will sit in Delhi and would not be able to meet the whole Naga electorates. Therefore, he said that the local MLA, Advisor Temjenmenba, would still be voice of the constituency to the government. Therefore, he said, the Lok Sabha election was an opportunity to reiterate the mandate and support of the constituency to MLA Temjenmenba.

He said that winning margin or the percentage of votes cast for Dr Chumben Murry would be crucial for the State government to determine the allocation of developmental works in the state. He cautioned that if the constituency failed to perform properly in this election, then the benevolence of the government towards the constituency would be lessened and the people would miss out on major developmental activities.

The Advisor’s entourage comprised of leaders from the NDPP central office, the NDPP Mokokchung Region, NDPP 29 Jangpetkong AC, Changki village council and other leaders. The two day campaign trail covered all the villages (Khar, Chungliyimsen, Mongchen, Dibuia, Waromung, Merayim&Longnak, and Changki) and two administrative towns (Alongkima and Mangolemba). The different NDPP party units in 29 Jangpetkong AC assured the Advisor and his team that they would work tireless to ensure that the PDA consensus candidate win with a landslide majority.

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