Mokokchung, 20 August (MTNews): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has emphasized the critical need for the Nagas to pause and deeply consider the potential repercussions of ongoing events in Manipur on their land and society and vigilantly guard against playing any role of erecting walls their own.


Reiterating the message from the declaration ‘A Call to Goodwill,’ originally published on Saturday, 29 July 2023 by apex Naga Church organizations, Naga civil societies and the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), the FRN said that “the Nagas take an essential moment to deeply reflect on the foreseeable impact of current events in Manipur, on our land and society.”


In a press release received here on Sunday, FNR cautioned that Naga people, in the broadest sense, must vigilantly guard against playing any role of “erecting walls of our own.” It said, “Nagas resolve to abstain from succumbing to hatred and innuendos of any kind. We will remain clear and free of violence, be it through written words, mythmaking, propagating falsehoods, discriminating against specific people groups, or the causing of physical harm. It is our moral responsibility that these acts are not entertained in Naga areas.”


To demonstrate and to practice the way of peace and goodwill, in the midst of hatred and violence, FNR said Naga people must “preserve the power of restraint and above everything else, hold fast our faith in God.”
“We call upon all to consciously think and accept the pain of the historical moment, and give way to peace and goodwill,” the FRN stated.


“In our region, the North-East, people can be liberated, through peace and goodwill. This is our hope for a tormented humanity caged in by its own makings,” it asserted.


“Towards this end, the Naga Church, Naga CSOs and the FNR will remain alert to any Naga political groups, Naga organizations, and individuals not complying to the call,” it said.


The FRN earnestly appealed to all concerned bodies and individuals to be beacons of peace in such a time as this.

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