Kohima, July 20 (MTNews): The Nagaland Amateur Boxing Association has informed that it has formed an Organizing Committee for conducting the Boxing Events in the forthcoming 2nd Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games as assigned by the Nagaland Olympic Association.



NABA has informed that the boxing events shall be conducted in the Multipurpose Hall B at the IG Stadium comprising the following 8 weight categories, including Light fly (46 – 48 kg), Fly weight (48 – 51 kg), Bantam weight (51 – 54 kg), Feather weight (54 – 57 kg), Light weight (57 – 60 kg), Light Welter weight (60 – 63.5 kg), Welter weight (63.5 – 67 kg) and Light Middle weight (67 – 71 kg).It was informed that competition in any of the weight categories shall be scrapped if there are lesser than 8 (eight) competitors in the particular weight category and that only one entry is allowed per district in each weight category.



The District Team is allowed 8 boxers, one Team Coach and one Team Manager only. The existing District Boxing Associations are advised to prepare the district teams and come fully prepared with requisite sporting kits except the boxing club which shall be provided by the organizer as per rules of the game.


New Districts where District Boxing Associations are yet to be formed are advised to take the help of the District Sports Officer and also contact NABA at any of the following help line nos. for guidance. Daikho Pumai: 9862571830, Lakatsu Chophy: 94364331037, T. Meren Paul: 9436000153.


The Nagaland Olympic Association under the aegis of the Youth Resources & Sports Department of the State Government will be conducting the 2nd Nagaland Olympic & Paralympic Games from 22nd to 27th August 2022 at Kohima.



No Women’s Boxing Event

NABA meanwhile has informed that there shall be no women’s championships at the ensuing NOPG 2022 in view of paucity of women boxers available in the districts.

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