Tuli, 6 December (MTNews): In a move aimed at prioritizing public safety, ADC Tuli, Shaying Sheu, issued a directive today for stringent compliance by all concerned parties. Despite repeated advisories and warnings from various authorities, including administration and police, it observed that a notable number of individuals, drivers, and vehicle owners continue to flout regulations concerning speed limits, maximum weight restrictions, driving under the influence of alcohol, and unregulated parking on national highways and in town areas.

This non-compliance is causing serious threats, extending to life-threatening incidents for commuters and drivers alike, thereby violating the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Hence, all concerned parties have been directed to fully comprehend the safety measures. The order stated that strict action will be initiated against any defaulters, violators, or irresponsible drivers if caught. Vehicles will be seized, and drivers/owners will be penalized, along with other punitive actions as per the motor vehicles act of 1988 and other relevant sections of the law, it informed.

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