Khensa Culture Club from Khensa Village under Mokokchung district is representing the Ao Naga tribe and Mokokchung district at the ongoing Hornbill Festival 2022.



Khensa Culture Club
Khensa Culture Club


Speaking to Mokokchung Times, the President of Khensa Culture Club, Nungsangkokba informed that 48 of them are attending the festival. Among them, 32 are youths to perform the cultural items while there are 18 elders and leaders who have also accompanied the troupe. He also added that all the 18 elders and leaders will also be participating in some of the performances. Although there were 50 of them in the troupe, he regretted that two of them unfortunately could not be a part of the troupe due to unavoidable circumstances.


Answering a query on how they feel about fellow Eastern Nagas not participating in the festival, Purtemjen, Khensa Cultural troupe leader and Secretary, Culture Club Khensa stated with remorse that the festival is incomplete without their presence. “Our Eastern Naga brothers and sisters possess rich cultural identity; display of their rich cultural heritage is deeply missed,” he stated with regret.


He also opined that the tags ‘Eastern’ or ‘Advanced’ tribes should not affect the cultural heritage and identity of Nagas in general and urged the people to come together as one and portray to the world the rich Naga cultural heritage and identity.


It was informed that their accommodation services are well managed by the department. Khensa Culture Club troupe are accommodated at Phesama Village Council Community Hall for both male and female members with separate rooms.


Khensa Culture Club will be performing 10 items at the festival, including:


1. Benjongbentsü Yar (Festive Dance)

2. Nokinketer Yar (Warrior’s Dance)

3. Tetongtechi Yar (Lover’s Dance)

4. Lataya Malu Tsüngsang (Moonlit Merry Making Dance)

5. Arr Malu (Tug-of-War)

6. Alu Yanga (An act of age peer group)

7. A short enactment of Tsüngremmung festival celebration of the Ao Nagas

8. Matsü Lotepba (Cucumber harvesting)

9. Junglangkak indigenous games

10. Group Presentation


Mokokchung Times

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