Mokokchung, 13August (MTNews): In preparation for the upcoming Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Kiruphema Youth Organization (KYO) released a music video on 13 August at the Peducha council hall, featuring the composition of Keduovitha Hesielie. The song, titled ‘A Kekhrie Kiruphera,’ has been chosen as the official anthem for the forthcoming KYO 50 Years Jubilee celebration, which is scheduled to take place in December 2024.


Kiruphema Youth Organization


As per an update received here, the exclusive music video release coincided with the composer’s 67th birth anniversary. The jubilee song is designed to evoke memories of Kiruphema village’s “classic Golden era,” which was enriched by the voices of renowned singers like Thenukeneino Dahou and Ketholezo Vielie.



During the song’s unveiling, Hesielie expressed his happiness at presenting the first-ever official KYO song for Kiruphema. He also encouraged young composers and songwriters who are passionate about pursuing their dreams despite the challenges of the music industry. He pledged his support for a promising future.



With approximately 40 years of singing experience, Hesielie revealed his deep connection with the human experience. He emphasized that listening to heartfelt songs fosters a greater capacity for love among individuals and underscores the importance of forgiveness and peaceful coexistence.



Hesielie described music as the finest remedy, a source of morale boosting, a teacher, and a tool for connecting with people to share thoughts and ideas.



The event was presided over by Lhouvizolie Vielie, Vice President of KYO, and God’s blessings were invoked by Pecüvilie Kruneilie, Pastor of Peducha Baptist Church. The vote of thanks was delivered by Kekhrievituo Dahou, President of KYO. The official 50th KYO song will be available on the Kiruphema Youth Organisation 2023 YouTube channel.

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