The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) of Ongpangkong North Block inaugurated a farm school on Fishery Pond in Ungma village on 11 May 2024. The farm school was inaugurated with an aim to promote farmer- farmer extension for effective transfer of agricultural technology among the farming community.

atma ungma
During the inaugural program, a short session was conducted, wherein Ms Tajungsola Jamir, Assistant Technology Manager (ATM) of Ongpangkong North Block, delivered a keynote address, briefing on the concept, functions, and objectives of the farm school. She also outlined the duties and responsibilities of a farm teacher. Mr Takosungba Longkumer was appointed as the farm school teacher, with 19 farmers enrolled as farm students.

Following the inaugural program, a training session on “Fish Farming Practices for Higher Productivity” was conducted. The training aimed to impart technical knowledge and upgrade the skills of the participants in adopting various methods of fish farm practices. During the training, Mr Takosungba Lkr, the farm school teacher, provided insights into site selection, species selection, design and construction of fish ponds, pond management, integrated farming, and composite fish culture. He also encouraged the trainees to contribute to meeting the demand and supply requirements in the state by educating fellow fish farmers through technology transfer.

The program was followed by an interactive session and feedback from the farmers. Inputs such as fish feeds were distributed to the participants. A total of 20 farm school students, along with ATMA staff, attended the program.

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