Monglam Konyak – the only female two-wheeler taxi operator in Mokokchung Town

Monglam Konyak, a 30-year old resident of Sangtemla Ward, is the sole female two-wheeler taxi operator in Mokokchung. She moved to Mokokchung in 2003 and is originally from the village of Longching in Mon district. She is a mother of two boys, both of whom are students at Town Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung.


Monglam Konyak


Monglam said that she had previously marketed vegetables on the street to make ends meet for the family. She added that her spouse earns a daily wage for his work. She made it clear that she chose this profession in order to earn a living and provide a better lifestyle for her children.


On Friday, October 28, 2022, she started operating her two-wheeler taxi in Mokokchung. She said that she bought the two-wheeler with money she earned while selling vegetables, money her husband earned, and assistance from a family – I. Talitemsu Changkiri and his wife Amongla. Monglam expressed gratitude to her neighbour Tali for his family’s unwavering support in all ways, despite the fact that she and her husband are unable to reciprocate in the same way.


She disclosed that she earned roughly Rs. 350 on her first day and added that there have been no hurdles with commuters thus far. She stated that, for a nominal charge, she provides pick-up and drop-off services to anyone who approaches her on the road or in the two-wheeler taxi park.


As she wrapped up, she added that she has been a two-wheeler rider for seven years.



Mokokchung residents can reach her at 9862157409 to request her two wheeler taxi service.

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