Navi, Mumbai, 10 November (MTNews): The Committee on Government Assurances of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, under the leadership of Kuzholuzo Nienu, MLA conducted a crucial visit to the Nagaland House in Navi Mumbai on November 6 and 7, 2023. The committee, accompanied by G Ikuto, Member; Er Hozheto, Chief Engineer, PWD (Housing); officials from the PWD Department; and the Nagaland Legislative Assembly Secretariat, conducted a comprehensive ‘spot verification’ to investigate the reasons behind the prolonged non-operational status of the building, which remained unused for 13 years since its completion.

It has been clarified that, according to the new Coastal Zone Management Plan 2019, the Nagaland House building is now outside the Coastal Regulation Zone. This means that it can be occupied at any time, pending consultation with the Chief Minister of Nagaland. The prolonged delay in utilization, spanning over 13 years, was attributed to the unavailability of an Occupational Certificate from the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation due to the land falling under the Coastal Regulation Zone.

During the inspection, high-level meetings were convened with key officials, including Chief Secretary of Maharashtra, Manoj Saunik IAS; Principal Secretary of the Environment Department & Chairman of Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority, Pravin Darade IAS; and Vice-Chairman & MD Anil Digikar IAS from City Industrial Development Co-operation, along with Joint MD Dr Kailas Shinde.

Expressing gratitude, the Nagaland Committee commended the Maharashtra Government and the officials involved for their full cooperation in resolving this long-standing issue. The successful resolution is anticipated to bring significant relief to numerous Nagas who have faced hardships and challenges in Mumbai due to the prolonged non-utilization of Nagaland House.

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