Mokokchung, 30 July (MTNews): In a display of collaboration, the Yimyu Ward Sanitation Committee and Yimyu Baptist Church came together to organize an awareness program on sanitation. Themed “Wash Yourselves, Make Yourselves Clean – Isaiah 1:16,” the event took place in conjunction with the devotional service on Sunday and featured Akok Walling as the main theme speaker.




Addressing the congregation, Akok Walling placed emphasis on the importance of maintaining a clean soul and upholding high moral standards, drawing inspiration from the biblical verse Isaiah 1:16. He commended the Sanitation Committee for taking the initiative to organize such an insightful program, emphasizing that cleanliness should permeate all aspects of life, including spiritual and physical well-being.


The program delved into the concept of holistic cleanliness, encompassing the well-being of the soul, life, and health, as advocated in 1st Thessalonians 5:23. Akok Walling encouraged the congregation to prioritize their health and recognize the profound connection between physical and spiritual cleanliness.


Drawing from historical and contemporary examples, he underscored the relevance of sanitation in today’s world, particularly in light of the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. From household to agricultural waste, Akok Walling stressed the necessity of ridding oneself of all unnecessary baggage that hampers a healthy life and spirit.


Earlier, Aolepden, Chairman of the Sanitation Committee, extended a warm welcome to all and highlighted the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle. He expressed the Committee’s unwavering commitment to fostering a cleaner ward while calling on the public to actively support their efforts.


The program also witnessed a painting competition organized by the Child Department of Yimyu Baptist Church, in collaboration with the Sanitation Committee, where talented young artists showcased their creativity and received well-deserved prizes.


Concluding the event on a solemn note, Puryapang, Pastor of Yimyu Baptist Church, offered a heartfelt prayer, invoking blessings upon the Sanitation Committee for their relentless dedication to creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

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